POSTS are not made intentionally to hurt anyone. So if you are concerned about being a fan boy & after reading this you are going to ask me what the hell i have written? Then i can only say. Read only if you can.

It is not that I need to be a Shahrukh Khan to write something about Dillip Kumar.

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Hello My Dear Readers,

Please after reading this post give your views seriously.

Today I am taking you all to a new world of Bollywood through my insight. Now-a-days the Masala flicks have been captivating viewers choice. And which is evident from the fact that Sallu bhai has been able to rule the Box-Office like a running ahead of all others.  But the real view point of 100cr. gross movie came along with Aamir’s GHAJINI & then 3 iDiOts (the 300cr+ if fig. is imp. for you).

But this actor doesn’t bring 3..4..5..6..films in a year… rather we wait for his films for years. 🙂

Chakravyuh Poster

We may not seek who performs better in box-office scenario but it do comes whenever the Big names are called within.

See the current box-office phenomenon Bodygaurd, Ek Tha Tiger breaking all records in opening weekend. But Dabaang2 that is also coming banggg!


Even the true fact that comes along the way is that our own Sallu aka Salman Khan is Bollywood’s Rajnikant. He has a class appeal through all section of people. The actor who would do any film for friends, isn’t doing the same now. Rather knowing from the masses that Heroism hasn’t died.

The Tollywood must be thanked for giving an insight to our filmmakers and the actors.

Apart from scripts, it’s the right execution of effortless masculine actions with heavy punched dialogues that today the main screen cinema must survive in to compete among the best.

1.Action (Raw yet stylish)

2.Dialogues (which must tear u apart while listening)


4.Songs (most important, with that of an item song)

5.Cinematography (Fresh)

6.Script (Earthy)

These are the six ingredients to the SUCCESS of a film.

Except for a Filmmaker, like Anurag Kashyap, who makes films with his passion, dedication and challenges. Look at his filmography, from Black Friday to Gangs Of  Wasseypur.

Just Commendable!  Look at his budgets n what kind of quality content of movies he brings in.

gangs-of-wasseypur-main gangs-of-wasseypur_350_081012083019

Just look at the way he has his artists too the character the way it should be & also be memorable!

From Manoj to Nawaz… to everyone from Gulal characters.

Black Friday needs a special mention. And it must be a “Must Watch” for each n everyone of movie viewers.  Do watch it!

But another filmmaker like i can say about Ram Gopal Varma, sarkar_ver7_xlghe chooses topics with much grit, it doesn’t matter him if the subject is appealing or not. He does his work without asking his mind.

If you like Karan Johar for his cinema, so should u do for Verma ji. Just wait n watch for his’s 26/11 narrative, i personally believe he is coming with his best works after years. I am not relating their works, because their genres are different.

A RGV can never give a Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (masterpiece love story), & so neither can KJr deliver a Sarkar. But KJr has been limited to it’s own cinema. He yet produces young talent.

And that’s what he is good at.

Also if donot hook up Vishal Bharadwaj, 2942133_detit would make me feel like abogus writer. Dark edge classics, very raw scripts. And give challenges to actors than what they could have been.


He is one of the director whose films are so earthy n yet so stylish with bit of life’s all truths…

He is like Prakash Jha, true to roots but uses motion when it requires to showcase his potential as a story teller. Think of any of his hard hitting films all are derived from the social issues. Hat’s off Sir!!!

And for the Bollywood mania there’s Raj Kumar Santoshi.khakee12


A director who has the potential to make movies of any kind, genre and still can take the box-office erupting. His works needs no mention.

Remember, the sequence where Meenakshi is running from the clutches of villians (see the pic poster of Damini), &  seeks help from a drunkard Sunny… The moment Sunny paaji turns n walks… it’s only not what we say,”Terrific!!!!”.

But in one word, “Superrrb!!!”.

The instant reaction of Sunny paji and the way his body language was involved was just exactly the way you can expect from the character he underwent.

This filmmaker showcase a many scripts like Prakash Jha does. But with a style of it’s won.

Punch marked dialogues of Damini & Ghatak are still afresh in our ears till today.

“Dhai kilo ka haath!!!!!”

And not a many have ever thought of Khakee, which for me is a Great Classic.

If Gabbar Singh from Sholay made Kalia famous… so was Ajay Devgan in a classic villian avatar.

I will explain my point in an indepth column sometime later.

He extracted the actor from Sunny Paji to Big B to Akshay Kumar.

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