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Our Correspondent connects through waves of physiological powers & with the brain towers functioning of the celebrity judge of India’s Got Talent… we provide you an insight to what a TALENT finally we have who is a Judge now..
An interview with one of Bollywood’s most copy-paste-modified director.
Karan Johar

Why i’m nt an idiot?

Sach ka Samna’s lyk round comes..
Karan drinks Jalzeera, & says i watch Al-Jalzeera & i’m nt a terrorist!
Our Corres.: Karanji, plzz tell us how u feel abt the success of MNIK
Karan: i alws knew dat,  it’s a film about every Khan, Pathan, Ami Jaan, Baba Jaan….
& my jaan…
O C: So it’s a communal film u hv made..
Karn: Who said dat, its about nt being terrorist…
O C: So now wat’s next!!!
Karn: There’s a remake of Hollwood’s Step mom..& some other projects..
O C: Again SrK & Kajol…
Karn: Haaa… ur wild guesses…. huummm…. bt there will be few more costars in it…
Huummm… Arjun..ah.. da other lady…ooph… can’t remember..
U know na i’m Karan & am so much busy now-a-days…
Picking up Khan’s kids dropping them in road side corner so that they come into limelight!!!
I’m Karan… & errrrr….rr….. nt an idiot…
Shahrukh-and-Karan-Johar-wants-to-work-with-Salman-KhanO C: Tell us Karanji wats da secret of ur success in films
Karn: It’s a simple phenomenon..
i hv bn watching films since days before i was born… i’m born Johar only 4 dat..
c films lyk Hum Aapke Hain Kaun inspired me 4 my 1st fim..KKHH
thn, Mohabattein showed me a way towards K3G (remember da scene wars between Big B & SrK) K3G took their scene wars ahead..
Then i again get inspired frm Bhansali saheb… wat a man…craftman…truely his films are sensational…I thn only went to direct KANK…
finally Akki’s Singh is King showed me da path towards MNIK…
and we hv alws bn told dat India mein muslim pakistan se vi jyadaa hain…
so that’s was my intelligence i used…
O C: Oooh…. Great!!!karan_johar_shahrukh_khan1
so u would hv gone the IIM’s with ur visionary talent..
thn wat has inspired u know…. to make a step mom release…
Karan: Kkkk…..kkk…kkkk..kkiiiraaa….aaannnnn…..
sorriii….. Kkkiirrraaaann… Kiran Damn it!
yaa… Kajol Sori…
Wat a fantastic material alws used in my filmi labs…. huuuffff..!!!!
O C: But tell me 1 thing Sir, how would u lyk to express dat 3 Idiots is a now creating history..
People say dat they lyked da movie very much…but MNIK isn’t abt da story, it was lyk just goin it to watch Kajol & SrK trying to create magic… but no longer it is a movie a worth to watch!!!
Karan : Statistics… huummm.. i’m weak here….. plzzz watever duniya says…
i will only say
My Name is Karan…
& i’m not an idiot but my audiences are…
Mimicry, Copying & Creating furrrr….. into big things the way Shahrukh shows the World!!!!
Years after MNIK , RA.1 & of,course JTHJ…. We met Koffeee Je.. n asked some more n more Q’s.
Our Correspondent: Sir, So what are your views after watching JTHJ?
Karan: Fantastic! Perfect! What more could i asked from God than a Yash Chopra’s swang song film with my friend, philosopher Srk in it? It was a life in it.
OC: Okay Karan, tell us do you really feel it’s the perfect swan song… a perfect ending of a master-piece.
Karan: My name is Karan… & i’m nt an idiot to answer this Q.
OC: U hv bn judge to a celebrity show IGT, what makes you feel special & what experiences did u find close to ur heart?
Karan: Honestly, being a judge to IGT was an achievement in itself, u know na! I am India’s got Talent… haa..haa..(“sharmila smile giving…”)
it’s great.. feel honored.. got uncomfortable just seeing that there are ppls who r such magnificent just….Hats off!!!
OC: Tell us what u think of the war between JTHJ & SOS. Did it affect ur relationship with Kajol?
Do u think it was fair enough for competition..?
Karan: there’s alws in each one’s life Kabhi Khusi Kabhi Gham…
OC: What about ur recent remarks on Piggy choops!
Are you playing safe for Srk’s wife?
Karan: No…. Jungleee Bileeee jyaada jungleeee se pyar karne lagi hai…. Aaj Tiger ( indicating Salman) to kal aur koi… ye industry hi aishi hai.. bt c me… i’m sticking to only 1 person throughout my entire life…
Like Yash ji, i too have known n reach a comfort label with Srk, why to go jungleee then where SHER(-KHAN) milte hain..raaaj karte hain(Salman now ruling the Box-office).

King Khan

OC: Everyone is goin after south remakes, even Srk with Cheenai express, and he is bonding with Rohit Shetty! wat do u think?
Karan: Haan… for now he is just desperate for a Solid hit!
Overseas hit main kuch nahi milta jab apne desh mein koi puchta nahi ho…. isiliye Rohit k paas gaya hai… main to Overseas ka TALENT hun… 🙂
Uski 1 film 200cr tak nahi chali hai… isiliye pagla Cheenai chala raha hai…sori…chala gaya hai..yeeenaaa..Raaskaalaaaaa…!!!!
Aage Rajnikant ji ko copy karne ki koshish ki to FAIL ho gaya.. magar aab Salman ka band bajayega aur Ajay ka v!
Dekhna Cheenai mein kaise Box-office mein express lagata hai…
OC: what’s ur nxt project with srk?
Karan: yeh v koi puchne ki baat hai… DOSTANA 2

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